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Customer Reviews
Opinion of Joey about
100% Authentic Thermos Insulated Vacuum Foogo Food Jar 295ml - 2 Years Warranty (Optional Add On Pouch)
Nice and good service provided by seller.

Opinion of StarB about
Thermos Ice Cold Straw Bottle With Pouch 400ml - 5 Years Warranty from Thermos Malaysia
There are many factory location for Thermos, however, this one was MADE IN MALAYSIA. Perfect capacity for the toddler to stay hydrated. Great with cold water, but I guessed most parents prefer to give warm water to their kids. This is the right one for ya! Even though it's saying "ice cold bottle", however, we can keep warm water in this straw type bottle. Thanks to the double vacuum wall design from Thermos, it works for both cold and warm. Please bear in mind that, do not keep "hot" or more than 50c degree water into the straw bottle as you couldn't feel the temperature from just touching the bottle.

Opinion of Rita about
READY STOCK Baby Organix Kath & Belle Naturally Kinder Hand Sanitizer
Naturally Kinder Hand Sanitizer from Baby Organix is the most handy spray that you may bring along. Safe for child and adult. It's pocket size, just pop one into your handbag Best to use in public place, restaurants, playground, cinemas and etc.

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